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    •   OCT 17, 2011   
    • From Crisis To Peace - European Conference (October 30, 2011, Paris France)
    • From Crisis To Peace - European Conference

      Paris, France (Hall ASIEM- 6, rue Albert de Lapparent, 75007 Paris)

      Date: October 30, 2011, 10:00-17:00 (Central European Time)

      EVA (Belgian association that initiated the first meatless day in Europe)
      Noble Creations (French distributor of the book From Crisis to Peace)

      Karen Soeters, Tobias Leenaert, Jean-Marc Governatori, Renato Pichler,
      Jim McNamara, Doctor Jerome–Bernard Pellet, Deborah Brown Pivain,
      Christian Vagedes . . . etc

      Hosts: Evelyne Christ-Dassas, Tobias Leenaert

      For latest updates, please visit http://www.delacrisealapaix.fr/

      Art Exhibition: Guests are welcome to a special, complimentary art exhibition of some of the brilliant and uplifting creative works by gifted artist Supreme Master Ching Hai. (Please refer to the Art Guidebook (in French) for details)

      Watch Live broadcast at homepage, Ustream (English), Ustream (French)

      Welcome to this conference.

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