In addition to offering the perfect method for spiritual practice to the public, Supreme Master Ching Hai expresses Her diverse and extraordinary talents in life and the arts. For many years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been invited to travel to all corners of the world to give public lectures, and participate in special gatherings as well as various artistic, religious, and charitable events. At every occasion, the Supreme Master quenches the inner longing for spirituality in people’s hearts with the truth that She represents and so recovers their inborn qualities of truth, benevolence and beauty.

In order to satisfy the longing of the ever growing number of truth seekers, and to respond to protecting the Earth’s resources, Eden Rules is now a fully online audio/video viewing and archives service site and completely free of charge, including all downloads. No matter where you are, you can enjoy the Supreme Master’s video or audio lectures and musical creations at any time without having to wait for delivery or wasting any of the Earth’s precious resources.

Through Eden Rules, Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association hopes to share with the people of the world, a spiritual life full of wisdom, enabling them to explore the secrets of life and the universe in order to help create a beautiful and uplifting Golden Age here on Earth.

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